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2011-08-13 00:42:37 by CluelessHero

Look at all the new animations I've posted.


I say.

2009-12-05 11:58:16 by CluelessHero

I appear to have forgotten all about this account. I suppose I can upload a bit of art to compinaste for my laziness. Don't get excited (if theres even anyone to get excited over it :P) it's just a bit of crappy Photoshop abstract art that I've dubbed "Terminal Velocity". Enjoy.

I say.

NG Preloader.

2009-09-01 22:46:24 by CluelessHero

Zerek44 just showed me how to get a preloader. Now I just need to finish the animation. Ugh. 75 frames so far. It's been so long since I last animated Frame-by-frame, I forgot how painful it was...


2009-08-30 21:15:17 by CluelessHero

That sad smiley on the side of the screen told me I should make a news post. So I did.